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Pig roast 2016

Today we had so many reminders of how Good God is. We are in Perris California, the headquarters of U Turn For Christ  for our annual alumni gathering be able to connect with graduates and families whose loved ones have been changed by the power of Jesus Christ. It was a great celebration.   The men we brought from our ministry in Albuquerque were able to witness the hundreds of lives changed in the ministry of U Turn For Christ.  My son was blown away when I told him I met with a man who had did 35 years of prison since his youth.  It affected him to the point of asking what did he do?  I told him he did not tell me other than he received christ the last 3 years and what a miracle that is!  Also there was plenty of pork to be served to the hundreds in attendance.  Thank you to all who support this ministry in prayer, financially, and physically.   We appreciate your help and so do the many who are pointed to the only one who can truly  change a life Jesus  Christ!

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