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Willful Deception/ Self Idolatry

Does one have a choice in whether or not they become an addict or even more profoundly whether they stay an addict?

When we deny the true God of the bible and seek out other gods so we can do what we want without consciousness or conviction we erase the memory of the true God and bow to our little gods we make to fit our needs ” All Gods demand allegiance” quoted from Erwin Lutzer

There is a real price to pay for rejecting the true God and caving to these false gods of Idolatry we call addictions which demand worship and our families and loved ones pay along with us.   

I thank God for his mercy and forgiveness and I thank God that he continues to use U Turn For Christ as a vessel of mercy and forgiveness to those who have given themselves over to the false idolatry of drug addiction and who have ruined their hopes and futures.  Jesus Christ is God and he’s forgiving and able to heal us and free us from the bondage of sin that is in all types of addictions.  Please call us at 5505217888 for more information on how to help someone with a drug addiction be set free.