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It is a joy to see men and women set free from the bondage of sin and discover new life through Jesus!  We often ask for prayer because we believe God hears us!  

We compile a prayer list for everyone we come into contact with and hope to regularly publish it on this blog.  Did you know you can subscribe to this blog by simply clicking the follow button below and following the easy steps.  You will receive an email and can participate as a prayer partner as well as send us your prayer requests!


Mike M and family who just lost their brother

Donald M who just lost a family member 

David G to come back to Jesus

David L in jail awaiting consequences 

Lujan family grandmother had a heart attack 

U Turn For Christ  Philippines missions

Darrel T seizures

Chris Job sobriety 

Ryan sobriety 

Pastor Gerry Brown health 

Pastor Steve Nordgren Uturn For Christ Tennessee loss of his wife

Pastor Steve Mattier Mother inlaw-sick 

Jeff growth discipleship sobriety 

Rob leadership calling

Broken families 

Broken communities 

Theft problem Abq

Drug epidemic america

Suicides to go down

Much more…..