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October 2017 “Freedom from drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ”

Here is a quick update on what’s Happening at U-turn for Christ New Mexico you can always count on God doing some exciting things in this ministry. 

We have partnered with it is a gospel-centered Ministry that provides beds for families specifically kids. We deliver them to their homes and see that they are set up and minister to the family who receives it and give them an opportunity to receive Jesus.  The ministry leader for beds 4 kidz Steve Stucker who you might have seen giving us the weather here in Albuquerque on Channel 4 but a lot of people don’t realize he’s a Pastor and a Godly in Mentor and pours into our men through this ministry so we praise God for this partnership and ask God to continue blessing it.  Our men really love being apart of blessing someone with something so simple as a bed but they get the even deeper meaning that these people just like themselves have a deeper need for Jesus.

 The men have also been going up to Glorieta Christian Camp and serving up there. It’s a wonderful place for families and churches to take a retreat and get away from the city we’ve been blessed to be able to go up there several times a month and serve and in turn be blessed by the wonderful staff and opportunities to be part of the work going on there.

Another thing we’re excited about this month is October 28th we will be hosting our first annual U-turn alumni pig roast. We look forward to celebrating what God has done in this ministry throughout the country with some of our brothers and sisters from here in New Mexico and in Colorado. 

There will be stories of lives changed testimonies of God’s greatness and he will be getting all the glory that day because he’s the one who truly changed all those lives. If you get this before October 28th know that you’re invited to come and spend the day with us!

We thank God for everyone who has supported this ministry and been apart of changing lives through the gospel and prayerfully ask that you continue to support us first through prayer because nothing happens without that and if God lays on your heart to continue to support us just go to our support page on the website:  and see how to do that there. 

Prayer requests for this month

1. Pray for our pig roast event that God would provide everything and more.

2. Pray for our families that need restoration in their marriages.

3. Pray that we would be able to reach more people in the jails

4. For continued Partnerships and relationships personally and Ministry related.

5. For our country and it’s people to turn back to Jesus