Admission (how to get in the program)

Call now for information on how to get Men and Women into U Turn For Christ NM

505-217-6888 or 505-903-8194                                    wordpress-paypal

U-Turn For Christ is a residential drug and alcohol Ministry dealing with men and women who are seeking restoration from drug and alcohol addiction, through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are based entirely on the Word of God, the Bible, and get all counsel from it. It has been our experience that with a solid grounding in the Bible and good Christian living skills, numerous men and women have been able to become productive, vital members of their community. Our primary focus is to establish or strengthen a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only way to true freedom from the bondage of the sin of addiction.


Admission office can be reached at 505-903-8194 or 505-217-6888

or Email us at:

Also there is a printable application to fill out just click below

NEW-Intake-Application UTFCNM

Other information

General Information about the ministry

Items to Bring

There is a $1000 admission donation for the first 2 months that’s a little over $16 a day.

Applicants Cannot have any warrants or significant health hindrances this is a working program.

Information on what to bring can be downloaded below

Items to Bring