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Taos outreach 

We were in Taos NM this past weekend to setup our outreach table and to minister to the wonderful people of Taos at the 1st annual “Day in the Son Car Show and Family Day”  hosted by Calvary Taos.  

 Arriving to our first destination at Kit Carson Park we sensed a heaviness over the whole town.  And a common theme we heard the whole time was revealed.  There was much sadness over recent suicides of  two teenagers and another person at the Taos Gorge Bridge.  I wondered at the hopelessness. 

Taos is a melting pot of people and the drug abuse rate is high while also a noticeable tourist presence is seen.   

Our aim was to reach people who need help with getting off drugs and alcohol, family problems, spread the gospel and pray with people.   We handed out the gospel of John to a number of older and younger people.  One person I prayed with was noticeably drunk and argumentative with everyone around us yet when we prayed he calmed down and even offered me a gift! Being that he was homeless this was extra special. I told Justin I would remember to pray for him and gave him some information on our ministry and the gospel of John.  The car show ended at 5 pm Saturday.  Sunday morning we were invited to share our ministry at Calvary Taos services 

We left knowing there is much need for prayer to help the churches and people of this area in Northern New Mexico and that the Good news of Jesus Christ is the way to change communities across our nation!    

For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there  are many adversaries.

I Corinthians 16:9 NKJV

    If someone reading this values the work we do and would like to be able to support our continued mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help people get off drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ please pray about visiting our websites support page and getting involved.  God bless you and thank you!

Pastor Mike Gomez  Uturn For Christ NM