Year end giving.

Hello my name is Michael Gomez and I am the director of U Turn for Christ New Mexico. In the celebration of Christmas we take time out of the the year to give thanks to Jesus for coming to save us! What a wonderful time for many who have this hope and perspective on life. There are many who do not see Christmas this way and it is a painful time of the year to endure.

To a person who is addicted to drugs or a child whose parents are strung out, there seems to be a never ending cycle of failure and despair that leaves people hopeless and the truth is it really is. Except for Jesus.

The Gospel of Matthew 1:21 tells us the very reason that Jesus came. To save us from our sins. It is our sin that causes all this breakdown and pain. When a person receives forgiveness from Jesus it is a second chance at a new life and new reason to live.

At U Turn for Christ we want everyone to have a life-changing relationship with Jesus.
Our mission remains to see lives changed relationship’s restored,and communities impacted by the restoring power of Jesus Christ.

2018 was a successful year for the ministry of U Turn for Christ and with prayer and support we believe that 2019 will be even greater for the glory of God. And so we want to ask you to pray about becoming a partner with the ministry of u-turn for Christ. Your donation will go directly to impact a person’s life and give a family or loved ones an opportunity to get their loved one back from the grips of addiction.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the ministry and continues to do so through prayer,and love, also your gifts and donations. We ask that you visit our website to see how God might direct you to to support this work of God and save someone from addiction at uturnforchristnewmexico. org. Thank you Jesus!

2018 Pig Roast Celebration

“Our God is a God of Restoration”

That was the theme of our Pig Roast Celebration this year at U Turn for Christ NM For 2018. Many people came out and enjoyed the day with us as we had speakers come out and share Gods word. There was also a lunch of pulled pork and traditional New Mexican dishes. Activities for kids and lots of fellowship. We do all this to take time to remember what God is doing through the ministry of U Turn for Christ and all over the body of Christ. He is restoring the years that the locusts have taken. We heard two awesome testimonials of former graduates one from the womens ranch and the other from the Mens ranch. They had their families with them and it was such a joy to see…

Pastor Steve Stucker also shared his testimony and a great message he is a local Pastor and news anchorman we work with weekly in a ministry called bedz for kidz. He is known as New Mexico’s weatherman and we are blessed to partner with his organization. Also Pastor Chuck Aragon another partner through Gods warehouse came and shared with us his heart for the community so we were blessed with a encouraging message for hurting people.

The womens ranch has seen growth and alot of good fruit we are thankful to see God moving.

We have graduated more people through the discipleship program in 2018 than we ever have in a one year period. That is something to praise God for! We look forward to expanding and reaching more people for Gods kingdom by ministering to those who have been caught in the bondage of drugs and alcohol and their families.

To do that we continue to ask for support which comes from people who have a heart for this ministry and the first support we ask for is prayer… Please pray for us as this is a tremendous task and it takes alot of resources without which we could not exist to do this work. If you would like to support financially or any other way please see our support/donate page on our website at


Thank you so much for you’re support and interest and Thank you Jesus!

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, The crawling locust, The consuming locust, And the chewing locust, My great army which I sent among you.
Joel 2:25

Here are some more pictures from the Pig Roast.

October 2017 “Freedom from drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ”

Here is a quick update on what’s Happening at U-turn for Christ New Mexico you can always count on God doing some exciting things in this ministry. 

We have partnered with it is a gospel-centered Ministry that provides beds for families specifically kids. We deliver them to their homes and see that they are set up and minister to the family who receives it and give them an opportunity to receive Jesus.  The ministry leader for beds 4 kidz Steve Stucker who you might have seen giving us the weather here in Albuquerque on Channel 4 but a lot of people don’t realize he’s a Pastor and a Godly in Mentor and pours into our men through this ministry so we praise God for this partnership and ask God to continue blessing it.  Our men really love being apart of blessing someone with something so simple as a bed but they get the even deeper meaning that these people just like themselves have a deeper need for Jesus.

 The men have also been going up to Glorieta Christian Camp and serving up there. It’s a wonderful place for families and churches to take a retreat and get away from the city we’ve been blessed to be able to go up there several times a month and serve and in turn be blessed by the wonderful staff and opportunities to be part of the work going on there.

Another thing we’re excited about this month is October 28th we will be hosting our first annual U-turn alumni pig roast. We look forward to celebrating what God has done in this ministry throughout the country with some of our brothers and sisters from here in New Mexico and in Colorado. 

There will be stories of lives changed testimonies of God’s greatness and he will be getting all the glory that day because he’s the one who truly changed all those lives. If you get this before October 28th know that you’re invited to come and spend the day with us!

We thank God for everyone who has supported this ministry and been apart of changing lives through the gospel and prayerfully ask that you continue to support us first through prayer because nothing happens without that and if God lays on your heart to continue to support us just go to our support page on the website:  and see how to do that there. 

Prayer requests for this month

1. Pray for our pig roast event that God would provide everything and more.

2. Pray for our families that need restoration in their marriages.

3. Pray that we would be able to reach more people in the jails

4. For continued Partnerships and relationships personally and Ministry related.

5. For our country and it’s people to turn back to Jesus

September 2017 update

Here are some things from September that we can update you on for the ministry of U Turn For Christ NM.

  We seen a tremendous response to our prayer request letter last month and praise be to God many of those prayers were answered thank you Jesus!

   Next we held a suicide prevention Outreach in which the men from the program went and invited people from the neighborhoods and community. We had a special speaker Terry Jones share her testimony on that night as well as a film called exit by Living Water Ministries. It was a blessed time and we saw eight people give their life to Christ!

  We also started taking women into our womens Ranch again and had two women come in and are looking to bring more into the program so please keep us in prayer for that.

 In the month of September for the men’s Ranch  some of the men that we prayed for last month in August arrived and were ready to be set free by Jesus.  So we have a full men’s Ranch of men ready to be used by the Lord as they are discipled in his ways. That is a great praise report!

The weekend of September 22nd 23rd and 24th the men were able to attend the men’s retreat of Calvary Chapel Southwest called “man up” the theme was to help a man up or to help a brother up and that’s exactly what happened it was a blessed time of teaching, prayer, fellowship, and team-building with a little paintball and fishing for good measure!

 We have an Outreach event that were going to participate in called Albuquerque Celebrates Recovery it is a event sponsored by the City of Albuquerque focusing on recovery and we are there to represent spiritual and faith-based Recovery and we will definitely represent the name of Jesus.

 Next month October 28th we are planning our first annual pig roast here in New Mexico it is an alumni Gathering and celebration of what God has done through the ministry of U-turn for Christ and we have invited our other Ministries from surrounding states like Colorado Springs Arizona and Texas to join us. It will kick off Friday October 27th at our U-turn for Christ’s offices

  Last we are set to attend the exposed Men’s Conference at Calvary chapel Rio Grande Valley it will have speakers like Pancho Juarez Victor Marx and others we hope that it will be a great opportunity to be ministered to and to speak about the ministry of U-turn for Christ to all who will gather there so please keep that in your prayers as well.

With all that being said here is our monthly prayer request list We believe we cannot do this without prayer support and Community Support we thank you so much and ask that you follow our monthly newsletter by hitting the like/ follow button that pops up on the bottom side of the page thank you!

1. Pray for our Outreach event at Albuquerque Celebrate Recovery.

2. Pray for our womens ranch that more women will come and those who are there will find Freedom in Jesus.

3. Pray for those who have fallen back into their addiction and sin.

4. Pray for finances and provisions the ministry needs monthly

5. Pray for a new minivan or 12 passenger van for the women’s Ranch.

6. Pray for the Safety and Security of everyone under the ministry of U-turn for Christ

7. Pray for the family of Pastor Ralph Mendez of U-turn for Christ who passed away and is now with our Lord.

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It is a joy to see men and women set free from the bondage of sin and discover new life through Jesus!  We often ask for prayer because we believe God hears us!  

We compile a prayer list for everyone we come into contact with and hope to regularly publish it on this blog.  Did you know you can subscribe to this blog by simply clicking the follow button below and following the easy steps.  You will receive an email and can participate as a prayer partner as well as send us your prayer requests!


Mike M and family who just lost their brother

Donald M who just lost a family member 

David G to come back to Jesus

David L in jail awaiting consequences 

Lujan family grandmother had a heart attack 

U Turn For Christ  Philippines missions

Darrel T seizures

Chris Job sobriety 

Ryan sobriety 

Pastor Gerry Brown health 

Pastor Steve Nordgren Uturn For Christ Tennessee loss of his wife

Pastor Steve Mattier Mother inlaw-sick 

Jeff growth discipleship sobriety 

Rob leadership calling

Broken families 

Broken communities 

Theft problem Abq

Drug epidemic america

Suicides to go down

Much more…..

2017 Philippines mission trip

By the grace of God!  We so often forget that it’s by the grace of God almighty that we are where we are.  In the month of June a group of three from Uturn For Christ New Mexico joined another team from California and headed out of the country to the Philippines.  The journey was long and the planning and fundraising was tough but when we arrived it was worth it.  We arrived with about 50 boxes of supplies for outreach and immediately began visiting local schools and individuals who we shared Jesus with.   Being in a different country on the other side of the world really opened up my eyes about Jesus’s  grace for all of us.  When we would eat a meal together with our brothers and sisters there we would sit and laugh and enjoy each other and what it comes down to is the grace of this time we had together wouldn’t be forgotten and wouldn’t be regretted.   There can be so much in life that we fear missing out on.   The truth is years of life can be wasted focusing on self. 

(At a Filipino Jail)

A life of drugs and alcohol can bring about a lifetime of regret.   When Jesus changes your life he’ll give you more than you ask for –

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, Ephesians 3:20 NKJV

Please share about our ministry with someone who needs help to get off drugs and alcohol and please pray about supporting us with a gift donation for any amount by visiting our webpage below where you can learn more about this ministry to help fight the scourge of addiction and violence. Please share with others who need help.

How do you bring healing to a land?

The stories are there…  On the news, social media, even when you walk through the stores.  Stories that tell us something is wrong. Our land is infected with what seems like a disease,and to many there doesn’t seem to be a cure.  People go on for years living like this accepting hopelessness and nothing changes…  

But God… God tells us something in his word. He tells us we have been infected by something worse than a disease,he calls it sin.  It goes back to the beginning of time with the father to all mankind Adam.  When Adam ate of the fruit which God told him not to in Genesis 3 he brought on the curse of Sin into the world and passed on the sin nature which he now had to everyone who would be born after him infecting and affecting everyone born of man to this day.  Things began to break down, chaos ensued. Things looked really bad and God destroyed almost the whole earth except for Noah and his family.  Yet back when God confronted Adam over his sin he did not leave him without hope.   

“And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”

Genesis 3:15 

This is whats known as the “proto evangelium” or more simply the first mention of Gods plan through Jesus and the gospel of salvation.  

God curses the serpent by saying “I will put enmity between you and the woman”  there we have the continual battle of  Man and the fallen angelic host this is known as the “spiritual warfare” that takes place daily in the lives of believers and non believers alike.

  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 NKJV

Notice also back in Genesis 3:15 it says that there will be enmity specifically between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. This is actually referring to a specific person Jesus himself who would be born of “the woman” the seed would be supernaturally given by the Holy Spirit  for Jesus to miraculously be born of a virgin “Mary”.   Jesus would be born without the inherited sin nature and not have to live under the curse of sin and death.  Yet.. He still lived as a man. He got hungry He got thirsty He suffered in pain as we do.

         Jesus came with a purpose.  The purpose of reversing the curse of sin and death and bringing a New Covenant or a New deal to all of mankind. He brought with him the power to heal this land of its fallen nature by offering not to restore the land itself  but Individuals themselves.  He said “you must be born again”  no one can offer anyone this except Jesus. Its a new beginning A new way to live life with God and have relationships healed, have families restored, bringing healing to communities and helping the broken and dead come to life.  This offer by Jesus Christ is the good news like finding out there is a cure to a disease that was once incurable now is available to everyone who receives it.  Jesus is the cure the way to heal this broken land.  It won’t happen through government and through efforts of the flesh.  Revival in the land means Jesus is reviving it like a spiritual doctor. We need him now more than ever.       Pray

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We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Thank God that he is good!  

There’s  alot to think about when the idea of “giving thanks” comes to mind.  Many who forget to be thankful often carry around what society calls an ungrateful attitude.  When we realize as God opens our eyes that by God’s Grace he has given us what we didn’t  deserve (forgiveness) by Jesus taking our place on the cross an immediate sense of thanksgiving occurrs. To quote the great song Amazing Grace “I once was blind but now I see” Gods gift of salvation changes us.  Its true an addict can be one of the most selfish people on the planet but when Gods grace appears to us that sinning addict can become one of the most thankful persons anywhere, saved by Gods grace!   Jesus Christ is the reason were thankful.   

At Uturn For Christ NM people with  addictions and issues that affect life can come to a Saving life transformation through Jesus Christ.  We exist to give people the opportunity to surrender to Jesus Christ and to grow in his grace day by day.  Please pray for us, and visit our webpage to recommend someone who needs help with addiction.  Call to talk or pray with a leader from UTURN FOR  CHRIST NM 5052176888

Sincerely Pastor Mike Gomez 

Willful Deception/ Self Idolatry

Does one have a choice in whether or not they become an addict or even more profoundly whether they stay an addict?

When we deny the true God of the bible and seek out other gods so we can do what we want without consciousness or conviction we erase the memory of the true God and bow to our little gods we make to fit our needs ” All Gods demand allegiance” quoted from Erwin Lutzer

There is a real price to pay for rejecting the true God and caving to these false gods of Idolatry we call addictions which demand worship and our families and loved ones pay along with us.   

I thank God for his mercy and forgiveness and I thank God that he continues to use U Turn For Christ as a vessel of mercy and forgiveness to those who have given themselves over to the false idolatry of drug addiction and who have ruined their hopes and futures.  Jesus Christ is God and he’s forgiving and able to heal us and free us from the bondage of sin that is in all types of addictions.  Please call us at 5505217888 for more information on how to help someone with a drug addiction be set free.

Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol through Jesus Christ!

We are commonly asked what it takes to get people off of drugs or alcohol by families who have struggled for years trying to get help.  The answer is that person has to want to get off of the substance or out of bondage and replace everything that consumed that persons life with an even greater desire.  We know Jesus is that answer and actually  he is the only one big enough to replace or even consume those old desires and big enough to restore the brokenness we have caused through our sin.  

Some things to consider.

1. God is good 

2. We must accept responsibility for our behavior 

3. We must believe that deliverance through Jesus is possible 

If anyone needs prayer for help or guidance in your desire to be free please contact us at Uturn For Christ NM immediately 505 903 8194